Business Development:

Finding Your Vision, Teaching Your Passion and Building Your Business 

Define and Refine your passion. This workshop takes you to the core of your message and enables you to bring "what changed you or made a difference in your life" to every class you teach. Learn how to differentiate yourself to change the success and opportunities in your business, and shift your choices forever and finally be able to teach your passion.

Group X/Small Group/Personal Training:

THE CULTURE OF COACH: The new paradigm in personal/small group training.

In the new culture of “fitness athletes” where markets have shifted, but motivation is more important than ever. You will learn how to shift your focus to learn and experience the 3 essentials of coaching and the 3 outcomes every athlete will need. Once you touch, see and participate in the process, your new role as coach will expand your opportunities in business, teaching and delivery.

THE ESSENTIAL EXERCISES: The formula to endless options and specific success models for program design.

This workshop offers an easy system to create exercises and formats using protocols that have a purpose, target, and strategic goal. The "essentials” start with the core origin and reveals the biomechanical connections between movements and exercises. Learn a strategic thought process to program design for all energy systems. Pick a target and you will have 100 more exercises to choose from immediately.


Is there such a thing as too flexible or too stable? Learn the science of stretching and finally understand the difference between range of motion, lack of flexibility as well as the proper applications benefits of passive or active flexibility including PNF.  The "train the brain" method will be taught, felt and used immediately to benefit yourself and your students. Experience how to use this knowledge to improve movement quality and integrate into class formats and design. This workshop will inspire "different" thinking and therefore new outcomes.


Training human movement requires that you understand the functional operation of the body as a whole. Understand further fascia and kinetic chains and their link to facilitating movement. Realize a new perspective of strength, conditioning and coordination that emanates from optimal function and core power. The focus on a performance pyramid template will create a specific system to teach classes that reach the athlete in all of us.



There are certain poses and visualizations that create a bridge to unlock a release of tension, fear and honesty. What an amazing feeling when you start to love your yoga practice (yourself) by having moments that bring you back. Learn mind-muscle connections to yoga warm up’s, activation, inversions, backbends, forward bends and twists. This will be a practice of support, truthfulness and fun, what could be better.

Flow State Yoga

The Flow State Yoga is finding perfect moments in your teaching that transcend any preparation. You get into a rhythm of breath, pose and counter-pose that link into a flow that you never want to end. Learn progressions that build, peak and recover into a perfect yogic journey for body and mind.

Yoga Discipline and Dream

Teaching yoga can marry both sides of your being. Understanding the need for discipline and order to create a foundation. Connect that to providing the freedom to explore, experience and disrupt the barriers that hold our potential in the balance. Step into the unknown, learn to teach embracing duality, find yourself and give back.