Get comfortable doing more

You can push people to change, but leading them step by step to being more comfortable doing more things is part of the formula for lifelong mastery.  There’s no substitute for understanding  the science behind movement, patience and true compassion for others. That’s where Robert Sherman Fitness begins.

Robert Sherman has known he wanted to be part of the fitness industry since 1982.  Having injured a shoulder while a collegiate baseball player studying business, he was fascinated by the physical therapy being done on his shoulder.  That launched his study of exercise science.  But, it was the humbling experience of taking his physical therapist’s aerobics class that helped him understand that mastering movement can also have a high impact on improving self-esteem.  

He followed his passion for training and teaching and it wasn’t long before Reebok saw him present and offered him the chance to become a Master Trainer and Program Developer.  In the years that followed, he has taught, trained, instructed, consulted, spoken internationally and managed/owned private studios.  He continues to learn and inspire with knowledge through actions, words and emotions.


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